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A Body & Soul Approach to a Radiant Life.

Movement & Mindfulness

Mindful movement and stress reduction techniques are more important than ever for our youth.  My classes combine multiple tools to support children of all ages with  healthy and accessible exercise, relaxation, brain balancing, immunity strengthening, and self-regulation, while learning and practicing many fun activities for mindfulness! My goal is for young people to develop a loving and trusting relationship with their bodies, grow in self-confidence, compassion and kindness toward self and others, and build resilience in today's modern world. 

I have worked with children for over 15 years, from preschool through high school age. I am trained and have a special interest in trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness for youth and adults.  The practices I teach are beneficial for everyone, as trauma comes in many forms, and can have lasting effects. Learning to be embodied and mindful creates a sense of inner safety and responsiveness to the challenges of life that is very empowering, for both parent and child.

Specialized Sessions

As and independent contractor I have developed and lead mindful movement curriculum for kids' camps, private school settings, Jewish schools, and groups for children with special needs.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your needs.